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: : OBTEST nominated for Lithuanian Alternative Music Awards : :


Band that was out with it's latest album last year, is nominated for the 2008's Lithuanian Alternative Music Awards.
"Gyvybės Medis" by OBTEST will rival four other rock, punk and experimental bands for the title of The Best Album of the Year. Also, OBTEST are nominated for The Best Metal Act of 2008.
Both nominations will be picked by a special commission of experts.
The official ceremony plus concert will be held on March 21st at Lenkų Kultūros Rūmai, Naugarduko 76 in Vilnius.



: : 10 years for fatherland at Forum Palace, Vilnius : :



2009.03.11. TĖVYNEI festival at Forum Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 2000 every year on March 11 club VORAI MC organizes traditional rock concerts TĖVYNEI (FOR HOMELAND), dedicated to Independence day of Lithuania. During nine years 25 bands from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Norway participated in this event. These concerts took place in the four different citadels of Vilnius metal scene from Kablys to Moulin Rouge. This year the tenth anniversary event For Homeland Millenary is dedicated to the first mention of Lithuania's name in year 1009, when our proud ancestors beheaded archbishop Bruno and all his escort for burning of sacred Baltic symbols. This year, on the 11th of March, old Lithuanian spirit resounding with metal music will take us 1000 years back into the past, the warriors will be honoured who stood and fought for the freedom of the homeland.

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: : Interview in "TERRORIZER" magazine # 176, october : :





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: : EASTERN dates confirmed : :


First concerts representing "Gyvybės medis" album abroad will take place in the east. We have confirmed three dates:

20th of June - Minsk, Belorus, TBA.

21th of June - Moscow, Russia, @ Relax club.

22th of June - ST. PETERSBURG - CANCELED, Russia, .


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: : OBTEST Gyvybės Medis deluxe collectors' CD book : :

Gyvybės Medis book is a continuous art project of the previous album Iš Kartos Į Kartą, yet this time a true Lithuanian written book is released, with illustrations inside and the new OBTEST CD attached, instead of a photo album like last time.
Beginning with today, March 30th, we start registering your pre-orders for this special OBTEST CD book edition. The first 100 orders will get bonus stickers and A2 poster, signed by the band.
Retail price for CD book is 15 euro + postage. No wholesale orders possible!
To register, please e-mail back to the following data:
- your name, surname;
- full snail mail address;
- e-mail address;
- the way you prefer to pay [paypal or bank wire transfer].
Then we'll get back to you with payment details.
CD book edition is strictly limited to 1000 copies, the best part of which is already booked. So, be quick or be dead!
DIGI CD edition of Gyvybes Medis by French label Osmose Productions is finished, and will be available since April 4th worldwide.

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: : OBTEST signs a deal with OSMOSE Productions : :

OBTEST, the metal music band from Vilnius, Lithuania, already well familiar to pagan music community all over Europe, are reaching a new goal: to conquer the rest of the world. Such scope is not without reason. The band has just inked a deal with the famous French label OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS for release of a new album "Gyvybės Medis". This company specializes in heavy music industry for almost two decades now, and during that time has deservedly earned a name of one of the most influential metal labels worldwide, discovering and raising few dozens of nowadays' worldwide acclaimed artists. Such luminaries as Immortal, Enslaved, Dark Tranquillity, Marduk, Shining, Absu, Masters Hammer, Melechesh, Sigh, Vital Remains, Impaled Nazarene, Necromantia or Angelcorpse is enough to mention to realize the impact of this company in black, death, pagan or thrash metal market.
Much like the entire catalogue of French label, new OBTEST album will be distributed in music shops and via independent retailers worldwide, including Japan, Canada, Australia, USA and the entire Europe. LEDO TAKAS, long-lived label of the band, has secured an exclusive right to release and distribute new OBTEST album in the Baltic States.
"Gyvybės Medis" will be released in three different formats: digipak compact disk, picture vinyl record and collectors' A5 sized CD book. Due to peripeteia around this new deal, the release date is postponed for later time than expected before, yet it is clear and steady: the fourth OBTEST album will be born on fourth day of April, the fourth month of the year 2008. New OBTEST merchandise series will be presented at the same time.
"Such a twist in the new album publication was surprising. We have learned about it some time ago, and were pleasantly surprised. We hope that our new album will be available to all fans of the band even at the utmost ends of the earth" - comments OBTEST.
"This deal is the most significant OBTEST achievement in releasing field so far, and it is especially exciting that this pact is entered exactly with OSMOSE. It is an honour to put a unique music writing musicians in touch with publishing professionals who know their stuff. I am sure that this alliance will be versatilely beneficial, and we will live the first results pretty soon" - resumes LEDO TAKAS RECORDS chief and OBTEST manager Tadas Kazlauskas.

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